Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cheshire Chester's 8 week update

Cheshire Chester has now been here for 8 weeks and I am pleased to say his landing has really improved over that time.
These stills from his footage compare his landing over that time (the full footage is at the bottom of this post).

 This is his worse foot (RF) and the most obvious changes from the lateral angle are the shorter toe and more level hairline.
 His heels are stronger and less under-run too but its easier to see the changes from a caudal shot (below).
 Much more robust digital cushion and shorter hoof wall - which is just what we are looking for.

 Sole shots show a tatty frog which is shedding  - hence the untidy appearance - but is also broadening, leaving a broader base of support at the heels. His bars are also straighter and stronger than on day one which is another encouraging sign. Chester has a long way to go before his feet are performing as well as they should but at least he is now heading in the right direction.

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