Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New girl Jennie

New horse Jennie arrived at the weekend. Our third dun/buckskin horse (Bailey W was the first, followed by Harvey the Quarterhorse) and with a history of palmar foot lameness which was diagnosed over a year ago.  
On MRI she was shown to have bilateral navicular and coffin bone damage and damage to the DDFT and impar ligaments. On the LF she also had collateral ligament damage.
Today her worse foot is the LF - not only does she tend to point it but its more under-run and asymmetric than the RF. 
Her heels are rather crushed as well as being underrun and you can see from this angle that they would be unlevel if they were less collapsed. 
 From this angle you can see the asymmetry in her digital cushion which is something I would hope to see improve over the next few weeks.
More on Jennie soon!

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