Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Jennie's 4 week update

Jennie has been here for just over 4 weeks and owner Carole came to see her yesterday, so it was time for some photos. 
 As you can see from these, her front feet are slowly improving but unfortunately Jennie is still very uncomfortable and also has a hind limb lameness to contend with which is making it difficult for her to move around as much as she or we would like.
Her front feet were very contracted particularly through the quarters and heels when she arrived and this will take time to improve but at least the tracks are providing stimulus which is helping her palmar hoof. 
 Lateral shots show a good improvement in this foot despite her movement being relatively limited.

On her LF (which is her lamer foot and which is also affected by her lame RH) she has a similar but less marked change; this is most noticeable when you compare the angle of the heels. 

This foot is also de-contracting but has doing so more slowly, for which the RH lameness must be a contributory factor. 
When a horse has not 2 but 3 bad legs it makes things very difficult not only for the horse but also for the owner and of course for me. Lots of good vibes for Jennie please - we certainly need them!

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MsMundane...Moi? said...

We are all rooting for Rockley to help Jenny recover :) Sharon J. lancaster