Friday, 25 April 2014

Roger's going-home update

Roger has been here since the middle of January and is going home tomorrow, so just time to fit in his last update, starting with stills from his video clips. 
 He arrived with lots going on, including a DDFT tear and check ligament damage - the details are here - he was pointing his LF and landing toe first because in addition to the tendon damage he also had (as we found out a few days later) an abscess in that foot.
Roger, like most horses, is going home with improved hooves but with lots of development still to come over the next 3-4 months. I'm pleased to say that he is now engaging the back of his foot, which will take stress off his DDFT, and as he continues to work at home he should become more and more capable. 
His LF on arrival was clearly very under-run and although his palmar hoof is stronger today you can see from the up-to-date photo below that there is still lots to do.  

 His frogs weren't too bad when he arrived but that had not stopped him from landing toe-first, unfortunately. This is the foot which had an abscess though its not visible in the initial photo above.
Today's photo shows a better frog and he is also developing better concavity but you can also see the area of damage on the medial side of the photo where the abscess has done damage. The exit was at the coronet but as his foot is growing down the internal damage is appearing at the sole. Its old now and not causing him a problem except that there is of course an area of weakness which needs to grow out before his foot will be fully balanced. 

The all important caudal shots show an improving digital cushion but still of course lots of work for Roger and Su to do over the next few weeks and months. 

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