Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hoof pastern axis as demonstrated by Holly

I seem to be running to catch up this week - late blogs and too much to put on them, masses of video clips that I haven't had time to upload yet and photos in desperate need of sorting out and no time for that either.

Its the effect of the bank holidays, or at least thats what I am giving myself as an excuse...Apologies to all those who are waiting for updates - I will get there as soon as I can...
 I promised an update on Holly and here it is. She has been here nearly 8 weeks and like many horses has hind limb issues as well as front limbs issues. Her 3 week update photos are here and show how she had begun to improve her poor medio-lateral balance.
You can see from the top photo of her LF how she also had a broken back hoof pastern axis. In my experience this is always linked to a weak palmar hoof and typically as the palmar hoof (particularly the frog and digital cushion) strengthens and develops the hoof pastern axis improves as well, as is shown by the 3 week photo above.
Today, at nearly 8 weeks, the palmar hoof is better supported still. The hoof pastern axis is much better and notice that the hairline is also less distorted than in the initial photo. 

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