Friday, 19 April 2013

Spring - take 2 - and Paddy's update

As a follow on from yesterday's blog, I thought I would share with you the alternative take on spring turnout. Though I love to see the horses galloping about like maniacs, I am on the whole happier when they are able to enjoy the fields without trashing them(!) - my farming head at war with my rehab head!
Luckily Paddy, Charlie et al are more interested in rolling and eating than poncing about showing off - clever ponies :-)
Its also time for Paddy's update. He is an ex-racehorse who came out of shoes a few weeks before he arrived. Rehab was his last chance - with a neurectomy as the alternative if rehab isn't successful  - no pressure then!
Over just under 4 weeks you can see that his frogs are beginning to beef up and his heels are already less contracted. He is still pretty uncomfortable on tough terrain so its case of letting him carry on moving within his capabilities on surfaces he is happy on.
As you can see, he had already started to grow a new hoof capsule - there is a hint of it at his coronet. 
Today, a few weeks further on there is more growth and a more even hairline. His foot looks whacky at the back but we already know from the sole shots that its becoming stronger.
Caudal shots confirm his digital cushion is developing - even an ex-racehorse can improve.
More on Paddy soon!


RedsMum said...

Looks very encouraging, good work Paddy !

Emma Kitteridge said...

Wow - I can't believe the amount of change already!
He's now had his shoes off for 10 weeks & I never thought I would see such a difference in such a short space of time. Shows how amazing feet can be if given the right conditions.
I surprised Paddy wasn't hooning around as it's something he is extremely good at!!

Unknown said...

Paddys feet look really impressive ! Happy for him!

Nic Barker said...

He has been very sensible in the field, Emma - grass more important than hooning, I think!