Thursday, 25 April 2013

Charlie B - 4 week update

Charlie B has now been here for 4 weeks. He arrived with a diagnosis of poor foot balance which had led to ringbone. Like most of the horses who come here, he also had a weak and under-run palmar hoof as you can see from his initial photos.

Four weeks further on he is starting to build a better palmar hoof and you can see the new angle of hoof growth. His toe is still snubbed at the bottom but I suspect the new growth will be straighter. 
Shoes hide a multitude of sins but even in the day 1 photo you can see that his frog is contracted and weak. 
Four weeks on and its beginning to strengthen but of coursehe has a lot of work to do before his feet are as good as they can be.  

Already some good changes in his digital cushion but the frog is still pretty weedy and needs to become a lot tougher!

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