Monday, 8 April 2013

Red's 8 week update (or How feet affect the back and neck)

Finally our school has defrosted, after a good 2-3 weeks of being frozen solid and even harder than usual. Yesterday was really the first day it was useable and luckily SB agreed to act as my camera-man which was a huge help. 
 These photos of Red, taken out of the footage we have of her on day one and yesterday are a good illustration I think of how foot balance affects the whole body. 

She didn't actually look too lame on day one but she was landing toe first. This meant she couldn't fully extend in front and she tended to brace through her neck and shoulder and be hollow through her back. She is a very active horse and so this was the best way - for her - of keeping moving with less than perfect feet. 
Red started landing much better within a fairly short time and her stride length began to increase as a result and its from that stage that she began to discover that there were more comfortable, more efficient and better ways of moving. 

Its not established or consistent yet, of course, and like most rehab horses, Red still has several months more of ongoing work before she has grown in a new hoof capsule but both her feet and her movement should continue to improve. 

These photos - I hope - help illustrate that feet have to be working correctly in order for horses to be moving to the best of their ability. 
Here are her feet over 8 weeks...
...a shorter toe, more robust heel...
Palmar shots also show a stronger digital cushion which should continue to improve. 
Updates on the others to follow during the week as fast as I can get them up - please be patient!

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RedsMum said...

Lovely to see her stretching down on the circle - of course I'm dying to know if she now looks sound on both reins ? Also looks like she's landing toe first on the circle - is this just a trick of the light or is it intermittent? Sorry for all the questions, of course I am very chuffed...