Monday, 29 April 2013

All a bit posh...

I love seeing what the ex-rehabs get up to over the weekend and I reckon the best way to start a week is with inspirational good news stories which can get us all excited, so here goes - and not one, but two :-)
First up, Krista and Buddy who enetered their first competition since Buddy went lame. 

The full story is on Bud's own blog here: and is well worth the read, but suffice it to say that Buddy came home with a blue rosette which would have been a red rosette if Krista hadn't forgotten a bit of the test! Wonderful news  - is it me or does Buddy look a tiny bit smug...?!
And for an added gold star, he was also happy to stomp across this en route to the competition - proof, if proof were needed, that he really has grown himself a better set of feet!

I hadn't even stopped smiling about Buddy's brilliant achievement before I had an email from Kate who, with Rolie, graced the blog only a couple of weeks ago:

"Made a last minute decision to compete again today. After our win the other week I decided to step it up and do a novice test. It was a bit windy and he was a little tense but he still managed to win with 68%!"

No photos, but more big grins from me and I think Kate was being a bit modest when she said he managed to win on his own!

MASSIVE congratulations to both Krista and Kate and of course their 2 gorgeous boys :-) It is so thrilling with both these horses to know that their naturally wonderful movement has come back despite their previous lameness.

Whether you are going out competing or simply trying to enable your horse to grow the best possible feet, you will know that success does not come easy, it requires enormous work and that there are no shortcuts. Thats true of any horse and its doubly, triply true for a barefoot horse so well done to all of you who have been out putting mileage on your horse's hooves this weekend :-)


Unknown said...

We are on to it. We have done road work hacking five of last seven days. Think feet are starting to look better too :-)

Nic Barker said...

Great news :-) Well done!

lyndac said...

Another inspirational post. I think of posts like this when we're trudging around the roads leading Jensen.