Thursday, 4 April 2013

More updates - spring must be in the air!

Well, we've had much warmer weather here for the last couple of days so lets hope that spring is finally on its way. There is certainly no shortage of updates on the ex-rehabs, who have obviously all been busy over Easter.  
First off, a gorgeous photo of Ginger, who was here just over 2 years ago. He had a diagnosis of navicular and arthritis but has been the most fantastic poster boy for rehab - at the age of 20! As Danielle puts it: "My 20 year old poor pony with Arthritis and Navicular. But thanks to Nic he's still here and still loves ragging my arms out to get to the jump! " Not to mention cleaning up when he goes out showing!
And inspired by photos of his best friend at Rockley, Bryan, Buster has also emailed me some photos of himself looking rather marvellous one year on :-) Better still, he's sent me a video of himself going REALLY fast! Can't wait to see him and Bryan run into each other's arms at the RRR later this year :-)

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