Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ruby - more stills footage

More stills, this time of Ruby who has been here 5 weeks. Her owner, Sarah, is down this weekend and it will be really helpful to have her feedback on how Ruby's movement is changing. 
She does seem to have better stride length in front but the key thing with Ruby is her medio-lateral balance, which was causing her to land on the lateral edge of both front feet when she arrived.
There are lots of changes going on in her feet, of course; her feather makes it hard to see the angle changes but you can certainly feel them. 
You can see from the sole shots that her heels are becoming less underrun, particularly on the lateral side, her frog is more engaged and she is developing better concavity.  From these photos you would also say that her foot is becoming straighter, relative to the limb.
This photo isn't terribly clear but she is already beginning to break over at the point where her new, shorter toe will be once the better connected hoof capsule has grown in. 

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