Thursday, 7 June 2012

Thursday pics

Quick photo gallery for Thursday - my XC pic has arrived and looks so much better real size - very pleased with my pocket rocket (bless his little eager face!) and hope we will get out hunter trialling again very soon!
Busy day yesterday, though, with Legend's owners coming to see him and new boy Dali arriving to take Dom's spot, as my blue-eyed boy has now gone home to Sussex.
This is Dali, who had an epic trip down here from Co. Durham, arriving late on Tuesday night having travelled brilliantly. He met Felix and Charlie first, of course, and was very relaxed so yesterday he was also introduced to Abbey, who took an instant shine to him and has decided that Dali is his new best mate. 
Its always nice when new horses pal up so quickly, and I will get Dali's hoof pics etc up as soon as I can!


cptrayes said...

What a brilliantly framed shot of a cracking pone!!


Unknown said...

aww your right he seems to be getting on fab :) and looks to be enjoying the sun (while it lasted lol)Abbey does look like a nice chappy so hell give Dali a rest from all the baby sitting hes done lately, poor nanny pony! Got my fingers crossed for him, abbey and all the rehab horses there and to come! x