Friday, 15 June 2012

NFU, Horse and Hound and KUDOS to Catherine!

I posted here recently about the exciting news that rehab owner Catherine Hodson had been successful in her fight against NFU. Her lovely mare, Rose, came to Rockley in 2010 and, as she was insured with NFU and came on vet referral, NFU should have met 50% of the costs of her livery under their "alternative therapy" clause.
They refused (although they had paid out for other horses) and Catherine was incredibly persistent. She refused to let NFU off the hook, sticking with the case over months and months, even when they appealed against the initial decision until finally the ombudsman confirmed the appeal in her favour. NFU have now agreed to pay out, and the decision was picked up and reported in this week's Horse and Hound as well :-)

There is a nice article on page 7, with a photo of Rose (who is very glamorous), and Rockley gets a mention too - thanks to Flora Watkins of HandH for a lovely piece - here's a snippet for you:

"Miss Hodson told HandH she had alwasy shod her horses until Rose, a Dutch warmbloood, began suffering from navicular. Miss Hodson, a lecturer in equine science researched the options and decided that Rockley Farm - which advocates controlled exercise over a variety of surfaces and dietary changes - would give Rose the best chance. Her vet agreed to write a referral...Following treatment at Rockley Farm Rose has been sound and in ridden work since November 2010."

In the article, Catherine also makes the very good point: "If I'd said to [NFU] "I want my vet to come up every day until I've used up all the £5,000 of my policy" they would have paid. But they wouldn't pay the £780 for Rockley."

H&H also quotes the Ombudsman's decision that our rehab has "proven efficacious results" and does not represent some "alternative therapy of dubious nature and quality" which NFU should not have to pay for :-)

I am very pleased for us and even more pleased not just for Catherine - who has slogged through masses of tedious paperwork (the WORST thing in the world) to get this result - but for all the other owners who are with NFU. Some of them are fighting claims at the moment. More (I hope) will not have to in future because of Catherine's trail-blazing efforts.

THANK YOU once again, Catherine - from ALL of us - we are very, very grateful, we salute you, and we WILL buy you many celebratory drinks at the RRR in September :-)


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Fantastic news and great that Rockley gets a mention in H and H ;-)

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