Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Eva's progress

A quick Eva update, as its been a busy day here already, with new boy Dali arriving late last night and Domino setting off for Sussex at 6.30 this morning!  Eva's been doing well the last few weeks and I wanted to post a few quick comparison photos for her owners. 
What is interesting is that from this angle her feet are becoming steadily more symmetrical as she loads them more evenly. 

Compare the medial deviation and heel and bar position in this photo to the lower one taken yesterday. 
The heels are more supportive, the bars less exaggerated (a sure sign of a stronger and more stable hoof) and the medial and lateral sides are more symmetrical as well. 
I'm going to do a series of posts on soundness, symmetry, function and form over the next few weeks and Eva may well be one of the case studies!

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