Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Abbey's road

Abbey came here just over 3 weeks ago, after making a fairly epic trip from France.  He arrived in what were termed "onion" shoes - not sure if its just a French thing or whether it got a bit lost in translation, but in any event they were a form of remedial shoes supposed to help his lameness and sidebone. 
He was already landing heel first but his medio-lateral balance was off and he wasn't loading evenly, though naturally you can't see that from the photos(!). 
I actually think his foot balance has already begun to improve and his foot looks much more supportive, though being only a few weeks out of shoes he is not yet comfortable on tough surfaces. 
As well as his onion shoes, he had pads which were effectively hiding rather weedy, thrushy frogs...
...which I am glad to say are starting to look more functional. You can see however that he still has a way to go before his heels are as supportive as they need to be. 
Finally, here are his caudal shots...balancing up nicely I hope you'll agree?!

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