Thursday, 7 June 2012

510 Trailer for sale

I've already put this on Facebook so apologies and please ignore if you've already seen it there(!) but I forgot to post on here...
We are selling the nicer and newer of our 2 trailers - its an Ifor Williams 510 (takes 2 x 17.2hh horses). We bought it new as one of the last of the old styles so its 3-4 years old. Its in very good condition apart from a split to one mudguard and a tear to the rubber skirt in one partition (purely cosmetic and both of which you can see in the pics).
Its got an aluminium floor, all the normal partitions plus a head partition which we will include for free. Its always been well looked after, kept under cover and washed out after each use, floor/electrics/tyres etc regularly checked and in good order. 

We are looking for £2850 ono so if you are interested please email or call me. Thanks! 


jenj said...

Interesting... I've never seen a two-horse straight load with a ramp off the *front* as well as the back. Does it work well for unloading the horse on the right?

All our straight loads generally have tack rooms in the front, so the horse must walk in and back out.

Good luck finding it a good home!

Nic Barker said...

Yep, its great, Jen - the horses walk in and straight out and the front partition swings across for the horse on the right hand side so there is lots of space.

Our horses will back out if necessary but they much prefer to go out the front :-) Its also nice and high and bright so very inviting compared to the old trailers.

lytha said...

this is my very favorite european horse trailer! they remind me of american trailers, so sturdy looking and swinging doors behind, and bars in front, no mangers (bad). i totally am going to shop for one of these but i have no horse to put in it so first the horse, then the towing vehicle, then the trailer, in that order!

~lytha in germany

dreams579 said...

front unloaders are great in trailers... especially when you discover your horse really doesn't do backing out of them! and looks at you completely blankly and refuses to move! bless him, he had to have something he couldn't do!

Nic Barker said...

Lytha, yes, they are great - practical, well designed and sturdy indeed :-)

Emma - LOL at Nic!