Friday, 29 June 2012

Late blog - here's why...

Late blog today 'cos it was a very long and busy day yesterday. We went up to the NW of England to pick up this gorgeous guy, who was being fostered thanks to the NW Vizsla rescue group.
We  couldn't resist him, because he is the spitting image of a rescue dog called Basil (below) we had years ago and he amazingly has the same incredible temperament.
Many thanks to Helga and Jo who have done such a fantastic job in first rescuing and then looking after him. He has settled in incredibly quickly, although he still has a lot to learn about horses, sheep and cattle. He is a very quick learner though and is very focussed on people so I have high expectations for him :-)


cptrayes said...

I didn't realise that they came in that colour!

Lovely dawgy :-)


Nic Barker said...

Thanks C - you are right though - Vs are always ginger, but he is a vizsla cross :-)

Samantha Beckett said...

How exciting Nic awesome

cptrayes said...

Roooooofus always has first place in my heart amongst your dogs.

"What? Go outside in this weather? No thanks, I'm happy here taking up this entire sofa all to myself, ta, sod orf."