Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Solomon's update

Solomon from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

As you might have guessed, with it being Kingsley's turn yesterday it is Solomon's today, and whilst I don't have footage of him on a circle (sorry, Lucie, I will try to get that soon!), I do have updated footage of him landing.

[and thanks to Wiola for giving me the idea of embedding the video here rather than relying on Blogger to cope with loading it - doh! - sometimes I am slow on the uptake...]

He has gone from having a toe first landing to a consistent heel first landing and I am particularly pleased with how his heels and frogs have improved.    When he arrived he had contracted heels and weedy little frogs and he had also developed a split in the central sulcus of his left (which was his worse) front.

LF day one
Contracted heel and long toe
LF today - better frog, no split central sulcus and shorter toe

He now has a much stronger caudal hoof and I am very pleased with how well he is progressing.

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Unknown said...

Nice improvement in Solomon too!

Oh, re videos: if you go to 'edit HTML' after you wrote the post and embeded the videos you can change the size of the vid in the code. Vimeo seems to have a default small embed. I normally add 100px to each value (withd and height).