Thursday 9 December 2010


...arrived on Monday evening but he is such a thoroughly chilled out chap that already he is out with Felix, Charlie and Isha and he looks as if he has been here at least a month - although snow is apparently  a novelty!  

There is a giveaway, though - his hooves will certainly look better when he HAS been here a month(!)

Ginger seems to be one of those easy horses who just gets on with everyone, and all the other horses seem to like him as well - he has clearly been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and so a move to a new yard with a new herd of horses is just another interesting development, an intriguing change but certainly nothing to worry about. 

He and Felix just strolled off together when I first turned them out - and you can rely on Felix to recognise a thoroughly nice, dependable fellow when he meets one :-)  Charlie agrees, as you can see from the photo - normally, Charlie isn't happy to stay with new horses unless he is also with a "responsible adult" like Felix who can make sure things are going to be all right.  If he is hanging out with Ginger, then it must be because Ginger has everything under control - phew, what a relief, Charlie!

Isha of course has the hots for Ginger (not least because he is new(!) - as Fayley predicted), which put Angel's nose out of joint slightly, but then Angel is used to the fact that no-one takes him seriously and is already looking resigned...  He will no doubt be the next member of the Ginger fan club!

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