Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ginger footage

Rather belatedly, I have finally managed to get footage of Ginger, our latest arrival who has now been here a week.  Unfortunately I couldn't do it the day he arrived because it was already dark, and for the rest of the week there was a distinct shortage of spare pairs of hands to hold camcorders(!).

His footage is now up here - I've given up trying to put video directly on the blog because it takes a thousand years and often crashes anyway, probably because of the footage being too big...

As you can probably see, he has an intermittent toe first/heel first landing on his RF and a better landing on his LF.  On a circle (which I haven't had the chance to film yet but hope to at the end of the week) he is very unlevel.  

Considering how weak his caudal hoof is (his photos are here), his landing could be an awful lot worse - I suspect he is one of these tough old horses, just like Ghost and Lexus, who keep on trucking despite dodgy hooves, until finally one day things catch up with them. 

I am very hopeful though that his feet will improve rapidly and with it his comfort levels. 

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