Saturday, 18 December 2010

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year, Solomon

Solomon - 17th December from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

With the help of Fayley and Will, who had come to see Isha, I managed yesterday to get some footage of Solomon on a circle.  He wasn't entirely sure that going round on circles was a good idea, as you can see(!) and would much rather have done galloping about in the snow.

Nevertheless, he agreed to give it a shot eventually.  As you can see, rather like Kingsley, his work on a small circle is not 100% yet, but its enormously improved from the very unlevel movement he had when he first came.

[ETA: I just went back and checked his paperwork and his vet assessed him as 5/10 lame on a circle on the left rein before he arrived.]

I am hoping for a very happy New Year for Solomon!

PS: We took the footage before the new snow, which came last night - no doubt there will be pics to follow but its proper now ;-)


Unknown said...

Solomon looks very jolly ;) Love the Narnia at Rockley!

Nic Barker said...

Narnia? You ain't seen nothing yet ;-)

Lucie said...

He cant contain his excitement about being able to go round in circles now!! ;)

jenj said...

He looks wonderful, and the music is spot on with his footfalls. Perhaps he could someday do a musical freestyle to that piece for the trotwork! :)