Tuesday 7 December 2010

All's well that ends well!

It was an interesting day yesterday.  It was beautiful, sunny - and about minus 6 degrees most of the time.  Pauline and Wiola were coming down to see Kingsley, and because the road in is still blocked by drifting snow I gave them some alternative directions...but they got lost...very lost.  Not helped by SatNav, which didn't realise that its preferred route was several feet under snow and had an impassable icy gradient to contend with as well...Wiola's photos are here!
You can just see the car, teetering near the top of the hill.  Pauline and her car actually did incredibly well to get that far up the hill - its only a 2WD Audi after all - but it was a bit trickier getting it out again, as Pauline had no steering because of the ice and the car wanted to end it all by going down a ditch or up a bank....We did it in the end, though, by dragging it backwards with the truck :-)
Eventually we were back at Rockley and they could do what they had come for - to see Kingsley and check how he was doing.  Just before we managed that, we had another interruption as Barney the dog disgraced himself, as he often does, by rifling through Pauline's bag and stealing all the scrumptious food she had brought along - cream cakes, iced buns and several pieces of quality M&S shortbread disappeared along with her sandwiches.  Barney is now very fat, slightly incontinent and did not have supper last night.  

We decided just to take the horses out exercising because there was no chance to use the school, unfotunately, as its frozen solid; even so we were limited to being able to go on fields and tracks where the sun had thawed the ground slightly. 

I took the camera and we went out  with Felix, Angel and Kingsley - the video footage is here - in the moments that Angel wasn't twizzling about and going round in circles...(!)

Kingsley has now been here 2 months and it was fantastic to hear that Pauline and Wiola also think he is making good progress.  He still has a way to go but they both felt he was stronger, more even and using himself more correctly.   I certainly think he has improved enormously, from being a horse who had no idea where his feet were, and who was completely unable to trot even in a straight line and even without a rider.

 Another positive yesterday was the arrival of new boy, Ginger, who came all the way from Lancashire. 
He is an absolute gentleman who arrived too late yesterday for me to get footage of him in daylight - but there will be lots more about him shortly. 


Dare Gothic Clothing said...

Oooh a new boy for Isha to flirt with - I see she is batting her eyes at him already :)

Nic Barker said...

She likes the older man!

Unknown said...

Haha the directions were fine ;) We just got too busy looking for a giant steam railway..! ;))

Nic Barker said...

...learnt my lesson - that will be the last time I put that on my directions ;-)