Friday 15 October 2010

Solomon photos - a hoof coming back!

Solomon has only been here 2 weeks, so his hooves are still very much a work in progress.  Nevertheless, I had a feeling that he was just itching to grow better hooves and to improve his frogs and heels given half a chance...   
The photos show the change in one foot, the left front, over just 2 weeks.   Solomon doesn't yet have much new growth, certainly not enough to see a change in angles yet, but already its a much more purposeful set of feet.
The top photo shows his foot the day his shoes came off, the lower one is 2 weeks later.  There isn't a huge difference, but the heels and frog are de-contracting, the toe has shortened and the whole solar surface 2 weeks on looks as if its working and receiving better stimulus.

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Unknown said...

Very interesting, the toe definitely looks much shorter. Can't wait to see how Kingsley's feet change.