Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Rehab news round!

There seems to be lots of rehab news this week, so I thought a proper round-up would be a good idea...

Frankie first, because I had a lovely email from Cristina on Monday with this great photo attached:

"Just thought you might like to know Frankie made his first competitive outing on Saturday - just some unaffiliated dressage at Patchetts.

It was all terribly exciting and we bounced round the warm up, eyes on stalks, neighing at everybody.  Only got 54% but I was actually really pleased with him as he managed to hold it together in the ring  albeit doing giraffe impressions and neighing at the judges in case they hadn’t seen him.  Hopefully next time he will be calm enough to listen to me and work properly."

What a good boy, and he looks terribly smart as well :-)

I've also heard this week from Lady's owners, who say she is feeling well and going well - the woodland track is working, despite our autumn flush of grass!  

Finally, for ex-rehab horse news, Paul's owner Clare sent me a text to say that he is on terrific form and they are jumping now!  He is also being a good boy to clip, so must have remembered the deal I struck with him last year - if you are clipped you can go gallopping and have lots of fun; no clip=boring slow work :-)

Meanwhile back at Rockley we are all enjoying fabulous autumn sunshine, and Solomon is no exception, though being black, he actually got too hot yesterday afternoon and had to find himself some shade under the elder tree - eventually he came inside to cool down!  He has been doing a lot of stomping round the tracks since he arrived, and I will post hoof update photos of him shortly. 

We've had high pressure over us since early last week and its been beautiful - dry and often sunny, though it was very murky at the weekend.  The only downside is that the high pressure has been accompanied by a stonking east wind which has been roaring in round the far side of the track.  
The horses, understandably, have preferred to stay in the sheltered west-facing areas but fortunately they are a peaceful bunch and seem content to all hang out together in the yard and firs.  Despite Solomon and Kingsley being new boys, it looks more as if they had lived here for years.  Rose, as you can see from this picture, is rather taken with Kingsley...!

Bailey W is another who loves sunbathing but he has had a bit of an unfortunate week as he somehow acquired a bruise on his frog which made him very sore on his right hind leg for a few days.  Its improving now but its a shame he had that slight blip, as he has been doing so well up till now.  However, he is on the mend and as you can see is still more than capable of posing for the camera!

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