Monday, 4 October 2010

New boy Solomon

We had a new arrival last week, Solomon, a smart Welsh cob who has come all the way from Milton Keynes.  He arrived in egg bar shoes and has been off work for more than a year with a navicular diagnosis following nerve blocks and X-rays.  

Solomon's fetching bar shoes, with correspondingly weak frogs
These are hooves which I suspect are going to change radically and quickly, but for now he is very cheerful  - despite the rain - marching around on the tracks with his new friends.  

I always introduce new horses to the gang slowly - initially he met Felix, then Charlie and now I've added Jacko and Bailey W, who are both gentle and easy-going.  Luckily Solomon is used to living with a big herd, so he has taken it all in his stride, but we will wait a few more days before inflicting Angel on him :-)

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