Saturday, 16 October 2010

Kingsley footage

Its been such a busy week that its only today that I've had the chance to upload Kingsley's footage from day one.  Its amazing to think he has been here a week already - in some ways he has fitted in so well that it feels as if he has been here months, but on the other hand a week is only the blink of an eye in rehab terms!

Apologies for the delay, but Wiola had put such a lot of good footage on her blog that I knew people would already have a good idea of how he was moving.

Interestingly, Wiola had already noted that Kingsley was landing better in the shoes in which he arrived than he had in his previous shoes, which had a more extreme wedge and pads.   Wedges tend to make horses land toe first, and its possible that the reduction in the angle had encouraged Kingsley to land better. Either way, its encouraging that he is able to engage the caudal hoof already.

What you can't see from this clip, however, but you might be able to on Wiola's footage - - is that he has a very peculiar action, swinging one hind leg out and falling onto the front limb on the same side.  He also finds it impossible to trot on a circle, so we definitely have lots of work to do(!).  More on him later in the week, I hope.

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