Monday, 11 October 2010

Kingsley, the new boy

Another new horse arrived for rehab this weekend - Kingsley, a handsome Irish sports horse who is only 6 years old. 


He arrived wearing graduated aluminium eggbar shoes - not particularly attractive, perhaps, but actually an improvement on the shoes he had worn previously.

Kingsley is a rather sophisticated horse, you see, and already has a blog  - there are the photos of his earlier shoes here: and here: as well as photos of him on his trip down to us on Saturday: and lots of video footage of him on day one:

 Fortunately, Kingsley has settled right in...
 ...making friends quickly with Solomon, Charlie and Felix

Even so, when you've just moved to a new place, there are times when you just need a kip  - this is him just before I gave him his tea on Sunday ;-)
I'll be uploading his video footage later and there will be lots more about him and Solomon, of course, over the next few weeks. 


Unknown said...

Hello Nic,
It's so nice to see all the photo! Kingsley certainly looks rather content and seeing him so settled and relaxed is definitely reassuring.

Sending lots of neck rubs for Kingsley ;)

Looking forward to reading all the updates.

All the best,

jenj said...

Please do not tell my boys that you serve tea. Although they are not from the UK, they would be quite put out to know that other horses have room service even more often than they do!

Kingsley looks like such a handsome boy and clearly has a very loving mum - I hope that all goes well for him!

Nic Barker said...

Hello Wiola,

Yes, he seems very relaxed and has a routine of coming in, having breakfast/tea and then crashing out for a snooze! You would think he had lived here for weeks, not days!

Thanks for your good wishes too, Jen, and what do you mean your horses don't get tea?!?!! ;-)

Unknown said...

Haha he is a chameleon horse - he must like his holiday home and I don't blame him!

Here is a post to the shoes + wedges that he had on before the aluminium shoes:

I work where he was on livery so it's very odd not seeing his cheeky face but hope he continues to be comfortable and starts growing some healthy horn :