Friday, 29 October 2010

Kingsley, Rose and Solomon

We took new footage of Kingsley at the weekend, and apologies for not uploading it previously.  Unlike most of the horses who come here, Kingsley had a heel first landing in the shoes he arrived in (although he had been toe first landing in his previous shoes).  Its a very exaggerated action, because of the shoes being graduated, and you can see in the later footage that he doesn't have to swing his leg so much to engage the caudal hoof.  

However, you don't get a true picture of Kingsley in lateral footage, like this, so I will have to try and take some footage of him on a circle and walking towards us as well.  Maybe this weekend.

Meanwhile, Wiola has some interesting footage of him on the lunge in March/April this year, which was one of the short periods when he was sound enough to work lightly.  The footage is here: and is very interesting, in the light of how he moves today.

Rose goes home this weekend, and I will do a full update on her hooves next week, but I've uploaded all her footage to date here: as its too big now for the blog :-)

Finally, last but not least, Solomon is now clipped and ready to go:

It had to be done, because he is now so woolly that even a short walk and trot led from another horse was enough to leave him literally dripping wet.   The good news is that although he has only been working lightly for the last couple of weeks, he has stayed as sound or improved with work and also with being turned out, whereas before he came here any increase in turnout or work made him lamer.  More on him soon!


Unknown said...

Nic, I think he is moving straighter through his right front! It's so hard to see on such a short video but I've seen so many videos of him walking before that this immediately grabbed my attention: he always placed his right front at a slight angle outwards (as if from elbow/shoulder) making him look like he is "waddling" from side to side. Not sure if this at all makes sense and whether I am imagining it but to me his walk looks straighter in front than it was!

Nic Barker said...

I am thrilled you think so - I thought he was moving a little more freely but of course don't know him as well as you do. When Pauline is down n Sunday we will take more video at better angles, and put them up so you have a better comparison.

What I am fairly sure of is that his RH, which swung out when he walked, is more inline with his body but of course you can't see that on the clip I posted today - we will get that to you ASAP though(!)

Unknown said...

Yes his hind legs are another matter...but if the right hind lines up better that would be a definite progress somehwat! - I am really looking forwards to any footage as it's so interesting to trace all these changes, even if so slight. I spent a lot of time watching him in the field and in hand so anything that looks different does jump out.

I will keep checking here :)

Nic Barker said...

We took footage - will get it up as soon as I can and let you know :-)