Sunday 2 May 2010

Studs and slipping - another eventing experience!

There is a very interesting post on the UKNHCP forum here: from one of our practitioners.

It reinforces my own suspicions about studs, and echoes the experience of a (shod) eventer, who told me about the time she thought she had studs in, but in fact whoever should have been putting them in forgot, and she sailed round stud-less with perfect grip. She admitted she thinks there is a placebo effect with them as well.

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Cristina said...

Studs seem to me to be one of those things that are used more that they ever were. When I was a kid only the really serious professional type people did but now everyone seems to use them now when they compete on grass (insert awed tones when saying "on grass") not just cross country but showjumping and even dressage.

Never used them on my (shod) ponies and now won't be using them on the barefoot TB.