Monday, 24 May 2010

Another weekend flew by...

...with a new horse arriving, Lady's family up to visit her on Sunday and the continuing fencing saga. The fencing is now finished, and Andy has also built his dream - a (potential) water jump (potential because the stream is drying up rapidly in this weather so it will be a while before it fills up...).

The new horse, Storm, is settling in well - slightly astonished at the number of horses here, and intrigued by Bailey and Lady, who are both in season and unintentionally causing quite a stir amongst the boys. However Ghost is unfazed and is fulfilling his usual role of nanny and mentor!

Lady has had a great weekend, with her family riding on Sunday (they took it in turns!). It could hardly have been a more perfect day, with wonderful weather and Lady going beautifully, and much better than they had expected - we all finished the day hot but happy.

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