Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Changing round...

More comings and going at the weekend, with Big Charlie setting off for home. He was a real gentle giant, and it was sad to see him go. Its also always a bit nerve-wracking when a horse goes home, both for me and for the owners, as we all keep everything crossed that the horse carries on doing well once back into his home routine and onto home grazing, which is nearly always richer than we have here(!).

Fortunately Gemma is able to keep Charlie in during the day and will be working him hard, which is a recipe for success, and I am hoping for good updates about his progress over the next few weeks - I will let you know!

Meanwhile the new girl, Lady has settled in well, although the fact that she was in raging season when she arrived, and had previously been kept with other mares, meant that all the unaccustomed male attention rather went to her head...However, she has very good manners and rather nice hooves, and so its been fairly easy to get straight into work with her.

I will post photos of her hooves in the next day or so.

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