Monday 10 May 2010

Old(er) horse, new tricks

Left front 19th March
Left front 21st April
Left front 7th May
Right front 19th March

Right front 21st April
Right front 7th May
Lexus' right front in heartbar shoes, showing the damage to the frog
A much healthier frog - the same foot 6 weeks later

I posted updated footage of Lexus, and how he had improved his landing, here: and it was clear then that he was already beginning to land heel first.

A couple of weeks later, and these photos chart the progress of his hooves.

Lexus is 19, but he he is changing his hooves just as quickly and just as radically as any of the younger rehab horses.

If anyone ever thinks that its not worth considering barefoot for an older horse, these pictures should make them think again.

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KatiePlamer said...

Wonderful news! My boy is a 20 year old New Forest pony and we are going to give it a go - can't wait! :D