Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Horse and Hound verifies barefoot hunting mileage!

This week's H&H has an article about how much mileage a foxhound covers in a typical day - the reporter was out with us on Exmoor for our last but one day of the season. There was a GPS on one of the hounds, and she and I were also riding with GPS.

In fact, she left just before the end so the mileage of our horses (Felix, Angel and Bailey) was slightly more than hers (recorded at 21.69), but still its nice to have your mileage verified.

The top speed she recorded on her mare was also fairly low - 19.9mph, which is about right for Angel, whereas Felix and Charlie regularly hit 27-28mph.

Its a deliciously ironic twist to have H&H confirming it for 3 barefoot horses, given that when they last had a reporter out she was riding Charlie, yet the article studiously overlooked the fact that he hunted all day without shoes ;-)

There are some lovely photos in the current article though, including a long shot on p 68 where you can see Bailey second from last, Felix as the 4th horse and Angel as the 6th - a reminder of a fun day!

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