Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Dexter - barefoot gives you wings(!)

I had a lovely text from Kelly, Dexter's owner, at the weekend. Dexter is a lovely chestnut TB, who together with Kelly and his vet, Jeremy Hyde, was the inspiration for Project Dexter, our current research into navicular syndrome.

"Just had the most amazing ride round Winkleigh [a local BE XC course] on Dexter. He has never felt so good! Massive improvements even from last year and he took every jump in his stride and even jumped a really high part of a log when I was going to guide him to the easier side! He was unbelievable!"

Its huge credit to Kelly that, when so many people are struggling with problems due to the late Spring and very rich grass, she has kept Dexter on top form. It does get easier with time and experience, but its still no mean achievement!

Only problem is, Felix and I have agreed to do a pairs class with Kelly and Dex at our hunter trial in June - will we be able to keep up?!?!

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