Thursday, 31 December 2009

Quote(s) of the week - or maybe the year!

Two lovely ones, to round off 2009!

The first gem has just arrived via Paul's owner :-)

"Popped up to the yard today and one of the farriers was there and asked how Paul was. He seemed surprised that barefoot would make that much difference and said "Well of course barefoot horses can only work at most 3 times a week and you definitely couldn't do that kind of thing with a thoroughbred, it just wouldn't cope. Its only natives that are hardy enough". My thoughts flipped to Hector and I bit my lip...hard!"

And from a friend, last time Charlie and Felix were out hunting - we were just ahead of her going up an impossibly stony path, a washed out stream bed with boulders and fllints sticking up all over the place. She watched them both storm up it, and said at the top: "Its quite incredible what your horses achieve without shoes"!!

Happy New Year everyone, and I've got some GREAT stuff for the blog for 2010 :-)

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