Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Good job Paul!

Paul's owner came to visit him today, and was surprised to find she was going to ride him out! He has made great progress in the month that he has been here, and although I've only ridden him a few times, I wanted her to get a feel of how he was doing, and to give me some feedback as to whether he had improved as much as I thought.

Unfortunately the weather was not at all kind to us, and when we took Paul, Hector and Bailey out it was into sleet and hail - the latter were not impressed, but it didn't seem to faze Paul, who has far better manners :-)

It was lovely to see him and his owner together again, and she agreed that he is much sounder and more balanced than he was when he arrived - good job Paul, and I am hoping he will have a perfect start to 2010!


Clare said...

I'm not sure how many times I've said this phrase today but I can't believe it! I was stunned to be able to ride today, gobsmacked (for want of a better word) that he was able to happily walk downhill without feeling as if I was torturing him and generally great having a forward going horse again! He feels so much more balanced and although he seemed "careful" in his approach to uneven ground it was more like he was picking the best route rather than him being uncomfortable. Nothing could dampen my spirits not even the horrendous weather, I'm not sure I noticed the rain until I got off! (and I think Emily has fallen in love with the orange one!!) Though Paulie still has a long way to go to being "sound", things are looking up :-) woohoo!!!

Nic Barker said...

:-) Still smiling here too

cptrayes said...

Fantastic! I am pleased for ALL of you :-)))

Clare isn't roadwork fun on an unshod horse!!


Clare said...

We didn't do a lot of roadwork as he's still finding his way on hard surfaces but I'm sure it's not going to take him long if he has his way! What I did notice on the short section we did do was that he was loading evenly & not trying to crab sideways which was the more usual approach to a cambered road . . . and also how quiet the three horses were :-) pity the wind & rain didn't follow suit. Both Paulie and I are now looking forward to 2010, he is a much happier boy!