Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Magic day!

Magic day on Saturday - given the current weather maybe the last time we will be out hunting for a while...It hadn't snowed at that point, but the ground was beginning to freeze, and the going was bad enough that we could only go very quietly.

Thank goodness for barefoot horses, who are totally comfortable and sure-footed on snowy, frozen ground and even through slippery gateways; on fields which had been thawed by the sun they were very keen!

As it happened, because the forecast was so bad Andy and I were the only people on horseback, apart from the huntsman, and after a while, as we were coming up a wooded track, it started to snow, making the whole scene quite surreal - I almost expected the White Witch out of Narnia to appear through the wood at any minute :-)

More snow yesterday and today, so we are starting to look festive, and the horses are loving the dry, cold weather after the continual wet misery that was November :-)

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