Tuesday 1 December 2009

More on wedges

This horse, shod with wedges, has just started his rehab here.

His movement when he arrived was an interesting illustration of the effect of wedges, which I posted about here.

He was shod on the vet's advice, as he had suffered from long term lameness, and his owner had found that the wedges had alleviated his lameness. However, his overall movement had become choppy and short in front.

When we took the wedged shoes off and walked him in hand on a good surface, his stride length was noticeably longer and he was significantly over-tracking straight away. Early days, but a very good sign :-)

1 comment:

Clare said...

It was great to see him walking so 'naturally'. I've not seen him moving so well in a long time! I think Barny's comment was quite apt "so why do people nail metal to horses feet?" :-D