Thursday, 17 December 2009

Oh Hector!

Hector has been back in work for some weeks now, and out on exercise, going round the lanes for 5 miles a day has been butter-wouldn't-melt. He is feeling terribly well, so I knew it would be interesting when he started hunting again.

He went out twice last week and was OK - small fields, bad ground and was not really argumentative at all.

Earlier this week he was a really good boy, 14 miles through deep wet ground and was mostly charming.

Today - opinionated and thinks he knows it all (!).... not entirely his fault as there were lots of people out and more intervals standing around, interspersed with other horses performing unscheduled accelerations past him. Still, we had a few disputes and I swore on more than one occasion....Clearly 25 miles a week (not including exercise) is inadequate, so we must try harder(!) Its particularly annoying as he is so fantastic when he stops titting around...!


Clare said...

Bless him . . . and he looks like such an angel! ;-)

Nic Barker said...

Hmmm (!) its hard to get too cross with him, as its all misplaced enthusiasm :-) There was a certain amount of head tossing and flouncing going on though - him not me(!)