Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Balaclava - best thing ever!

A quick diversion from hooves to bring you important apparel advice(!)...

For the last couple of days, the rain briefly stopped (back again today, by the way) and the temperatures shot down to below freezing, crawling back up to about 3 degrees during the day, with a nasty east wind - but at least it was dry.

I spent the day wearing various fleece hats to try and keep warm, but was still chilly. As I was picking up feed from Mole Valley, I had a quick look at hats to see if there was anything warmer, and came across a balaclava - had to get it and it was a snip at £1.40 :-)

Got back home, put it on, and spent the next 3 hours outside in the dark absolutely toasty warm, and no-one could see that I looked like a badly paid extra from Spooks...Who needs fashion when you can have function, thats what I say ;-)


sarahh said...

They only fail when you wear specs .... cue me wandering around with steamed up glasses!

southmedhorse said...

I've always relied on balaclavas for winter work and riding! They are brilliant, especially the windproof ones.