Monday, 4 May 2020

Ella's 16 week update

Due to Covid-19 we've had Ella here for an extended period - longer than the 12 weeks we would normally have horses here for - and its great seeing her feet respond. There is a really dramatic change in angle in her feet which is now clearly visible and once her new hoof capsule has fully grown she should have pretty smart feet.
Her frogs have improved a lot but there will be further improvement once her shortened toe grows in.  The back of her foot is already more robust, as her better landing has proved. 
Looking at her feet from this angle her heels appear shorter - essentially her frog and digital cushion are better developed and so her feet have better support.
If you project the line of new growth down (its about half way down her hoof capsule at the moment) you can see her toe will shorten once its fully grown in.
The confirmation of her shorter toe and better palmar hoof are clear in these photos - her frog is taking up more of the foot and the foot is less under-run.
As with the other foot, she now has a stronger digital cushion and frog which should continue to develop once she is home again. 

Finally a quick comparison of her stance  - as ever the original photo is above and the most recent is below. I'd say she is better balanced and looking more confident today and again as her "new" feet continue to grow in that should only get better. 

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