Thursday, 14 May 2020

Henry's update

Henry has been working hard in the weeks he has been here. He has strong looking feet but has taken a while to build a more consistent landing.

What interesting is that while his landing has improved his feet have not changed much.

He has arguably a bit more development in the frog at the back of the foot today, and his toe is a little shorter but no dramatic shifts. 

Again, a stronger frog at the back of the foot but photos are telling is very little about Henry's feet. 

You get a more interesting picture of what is happening when you look at his footage, which is here:

He has gone from a toe first landing to a heel first landing, which is always what we want to see. There is room for this to become better still but importantly his landing is steadily improving with consistent work, a good indication that we are heading the right way.

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