Thursday, 7 May 2020

Wilberry's (nearly) 8 week update

Its coming up to 8 weeks since Wilberry arrived with us; I tried posting these comparison photos yesterday but before I had a chance to save it we had a power cut and I lost the lot, so this is the second attempt. I like the fact that Wilberry has a better stance now and that the back of his foot is less under-run.
He had pretty decent-looking frogs when he arrived but this was not borne out by his landing. As that has improved the back of his foot has developed and he is also beginning to have better sole depth.
This is a more balanced foot, which is nice to see. As ever, the proof is in how he is landing, so his footage is the most important thing - the link is at the end. 
No dramatic changes in these photos, but his heels are further back and therefore more supportive and  more importantly the central sulcus split in his frog has healed up.  You can see this more easily in the lower shots. 
And finally the most important part - his footage:

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