Wednesday, 27 May 2020

What we do, what we don't

I've been getting a lot of enquiries recently from people who have found the website or been referred by someone else (thank you to everyone who has recommended us or passed on our details!).  Its been a while since I posted an introduction or did any myth-busting so its probably a good time for a recap.
So, for anyone coming across us for the first time here is a brief introduction to what we do, as well as what we don't.

  • We specialise in horses with long term lameness, usually a soft tissue (tendon or ligament) injury which is causing a front limb lameness. 
  • Every horse arriving here has been diagnosed (often, but not always, on MRI) with a significant foot issue; many have been lame for months or even longer. 
  • The objective with rehab and remedial farriery is similar - to support the back of the foot so that the horse is more comfortable and better able to move freely. The main difference is that farriery achieves this by shoring up the foot from the outside, whereas rehab achieves it by developing and strengthening the internal structures of the foot. 

  • We can't guarantee success and horses are not "fixed" when they leave us - its just the start of an ongoing process that involves the owner in a lot of hard work, including close attention to the horse's diet and regular exercise on different surfaces to keep hooves as healthy as possible.
  • However, if you treat feet like any other part of the horse's body and allow the horse to maintain their fitness, they are incredibly capable of changing and improving. A healthy bare foot is one of the toughest things you will come across, and positively thrives on hard work and high mileage. 

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