Sunday, 26 April 2020

Dash's delayed update

Dash has now been here for 5 weeks - we should have posted an update last week but somehow the time got away from me and I forgot it was already 4 weeks, for which I apologise. She started landing better a couple of weeks ago and so since then we have steadily increased her work levels and introduced more challenging surfaces. 
Her feet have responded, as you can see, by starting to grow in a (hopefully stronger) hoof. She had come out of shoes only a few weeks before coming to us (as you can see from the nail holes in the upper photo) and as a result her hoof wall was weak but the nail holes are nearly gone 5 weeks later. 
Her frog is starting to become stronger and although her heels still look under-run on the photos above, from below you can see they are actually improving though her feet are still flat. I would not expect her concavity to improve until she has grown in a whole new hoof capsule.

On her right foot we have the same pattern, and I like the more balanced hairline as well. 

The development in the back of her foot is a good sign but this is still a weak foot, of course. A horse like this would often be described as flat-footed but the important thing to realise is that flat feet don't have to stay that way - they can grow better. 

Looking at her digital cushion there is the beginnings of better structure, an encouraging sign, though lots still to do.
Dash's footage is here, and its nice to see that not only has her landing changed from flat to heel first but her stride length and confidence have also improved:

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