Monday, 13 April 2020

Henry is not on holiday

It may be a bank holiday but of course everything here carries on as normal - there are still horses to feed and exercise and so for us a bank holiday is just another day, but who can complain when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all the rehab horses are making great progress?

Today's blog features Henry, who like Dash arrived 3 weeks ago. He has not got quite such a good landing as she has but, like her, he has improved. His photos above show him on arrival (top) and yesterday (below).  I've posted his RF photos further down but hasn't included laterals as TBH the feather does not make it worthwhile at the moment. 

Dash has gone from flat to heel first in 3 weeks, Henry has gone from toe first to flat/intermittently heel first, so has made broadly the same amount of progress from a slightly worse starting point. 

His footage is here:

He has been working in the school up til now but we will introduce short amounts of roadwork this week and see how he gets on.

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