Sunday, 12 April 2020

Easter and Dash's update

Dash has now been here for 3 weeks and so far has been working in the school; I felt she had made progress though and we filmed her again yesterday to find that her landing has improved, which is great to see.

Her medio-lateral balance is still not great on her left front but its early days and the beginnings of a heel first landing are the most important step as that means we can start to introduce work on harder surfaces which should help her improve more rapidly.

We got so excited by her better landing that we forgot to take photos  - in fact we are overdue on photos for Guinness and Wilberry as well so we will rectify that during the week.

Happy Easter everyone, hope the sun is shining on you as much as it is here, and that you are able to get outside and enjoy it for a short while at least.

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