Sunday, 5 April 2020

Rehab horse updates: Guinness

Regular bog readers may remember that Guinness arrived appropriately enough on St Patrick's day - which seems a lifetime ago given all that has happened since.

Fortunately we have been able to carry on at Rockley with our normal routine which has been a lifesaver. The downside is that unlike lots of people, we've not had any chance to read more books or watch more films but the upside has been the gorgeous dry, sunny weather which arrived with the lockdown and has enabled us to get on with loads of jobs around the farm. 

I've also resurrected my sourdough baking skills, with help from our brilliant neighbours, and we're also making sure the horses are all exercised as usual so there is plenty to do. 

I'll be posting more Lockdown clips soon but first wanted to share Guinness' updated footage with you, as we are really excited with how his landings have changed over the last 3 weeks - what a difference!

More to follow (including the shock feature: "Lockdown Haircuts" - coming this weekend to an isolated spot near you courtesy of the horse clippers...) 

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