Thursday, 25 April 2019

Progress but not completely there yet - Sisco's update

Like the other rehab horses, Sisco has been here 8 weeks and so is due an update. He arrived with a diagnosis from MRI of bilateral navicular degeneration and pedal osteitis and he had an extreme toe first landing. 
The upper photos show his feet the day he arrived and the lower photos show his feet today, for comparison. Sisco still has a long way to go but he has managed to shorten his toe and the back of his foot is gradually becoming stronger - as you can see from the straighter hairline - although it is still very under-run. 

His frog is developing along with his toe shortening but because the back of his foot is still weak he is not strong enough to land heel first on a hard surface yet. 

There is some improvement in his digital cushion and frog but still lots of work to be done. 

The encouraging aspect of Sisco's rehab is that he is already a lot sounder than when he arrived but he can at the moment only work in the arena which makes progress slower. He can spend lots of time on the tracks, and does, but roadwork is not am option just now. 

However if you compare the hairline his foot looks more supportive now and his shorter toe and under-run heel are also positive signs. 
Sorry about the wetness but its been a showery day and unfortunately wet feet don't photograph as well as dry feet. 

 There is a better frog now, though, and as with the other foot his toe is shortening and heels are coming back.

Sisco's footage is here:

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