Monday, 1 April 2019

Mac's 4 week update

Emma came down to visit Mac at the weekend so we seized the opportunity and took photos and video after we had all been out for a ramble up the road.
 Mac has been out of shoes for a good while but had struggled to develop a confident heel first landing; when he arrived he was ok on the RF but not on the LF and historically his issues have flipped from foot to foot. 
He also had a media-lateral imbalance on this foot which meant he was landing slightly to the outside. This has now improved and the photos also show a more balanced foot today (the lower photo in each case). 
He has only just started landing better and its not completely established yet so I would want to see further improvement in his palmar hoof over the next few weeks. 
Apologies, the angle doesn't make for a good comparison but this is the foot he was landing better on when he arrived. 
He also had better medio-lateral balance on this foot so not surprisingly there are fewer changes. 

Mac's updated footage is here:

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